Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hunter, Wilkes, Abramoff, Doolittle, Combs, Delay...the list goes ever on

Over at MicroMayheM, some of the dots between Brent Wilkes (co-conspirator #1), Duke Cunningham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Duncan Hunter - CA52(another Republican crook - ARC), James Doolittle - CA4 (ARC), Jack Abramoff, and close Wilkes associate and lobbyist, Joel Combs are connected.

Micro provides a great link to this article from the American Prospect.

"Incorporation documents from the state of Virginia show that the president of Archer Logistics is Joel G. Combs, an individual who, according to lobbying registration documents filed with the Senate, is a registered lobbyist for Wilkes’ lobbying arm, Group W Advisors. Combs is a former director of business development for another Wilkes-owned company, ADCS, Inc., which stands for Automated Document Conversion Systems. ADCS Inc. has received tens of millions of dollars in Pentagon contracts over the past decade, including a $9.7 million contract to digitize paper documents from the Panama Canal. Efforts to reach Combs at his Group W Advisors’ telephone number, email, and at Archer Logistics were unsuccessful. Sources familiar with the company tell the Prospect, and California birth records indicate, that Combs is a relative of Brent Wilkes.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, an organization that tracks political donations, Combs himself has, like Wilkes, given a sizeable amount of money over the years to politicians. (In 2004, he gave more than $12,000 to Cunningham, Representative Duncan Hunter, George W. Bush, ADCS's PAC, and the PAC of Representative John Doolittle, of the House Appropriations committee. A San Diego Reader article from 2000 estimates that Combs had given $25,000 to various politicians by the year 2000.)"

Pay-to-play, it's the Republican way.