Wednesday, October 05, 2005

An offer she can't refuse

Bush’s fixer. That’s the best legal mind and candidate for a position on the Supreme Court. Farnsworth at OPOV, points out that Harriet Miers’ most distinguishing legal accomplishments are as Bush’s consiglieri.

"Turns out, big surprise, that little Harriet was a major player in the coverup engineered by The Family to eliminate those annoying little factoids that could have a negative effect on Baby Doc's Prezdintin' aspirations. Like that small fact that he deserted from his National Guard unit, even after his influential father, Don Georgio, pulled any number of strings to get him into it.

So Harriet, the dutiful soldier, scrubbed the records, Baby Doc is now Prezdint, and she reaps her reward."

What about Justice? She sleeps with the fishes.