Saturday, September 24, 2005

Once Around - With Feeling

According to the New York Times, via AmericaBlog, President Bush cancelled his photo op in Texas on Friday because the weather in San Antonio was just to damn nice and sunny. Apparently, the White House spinners were concerned that photos of Bush and sunny skies would not convey the storm fighting commando image they are trying to develop for President Run Away.

"Another White House official involved in preparing Mr. Bush's way noted that with the sun shining so brightly in San Antonio, the images of Mr. Bush from here might not have made it clear to viewers that he was dealing with an approaching storm."

Maybe a guitar and cake would have provided a better visual.

River at Baghdad Burning is back at her blog. She has two lengthy posts whereby she dissects her country's "puppet constitution". It is good to remember that Americans are dying so that Bush can point to this piece of toilet paper and claim that it was worth the sacrifice. For example:

"Chapter 5: Authorities of the Regions is troubling. I have no problem with the concept of federalism. We’ve been accustomed to an autonomous Kurdistan for decades. The current laws about federalism and regional policies in the draft constitution might better be titled the “Roadmap to Divide Iraq”.

I don't know if Iraq is relevant any more, now that we have President Hurricane Hunter in charge, but our children (and Iraqi children) are still dying over there.

Democratic Veteran suggests that it might be time for more Democratic politicians to start criticizing Karl Rove. After all Rove has an official position in the United States government and he has been assigned to coordinate Hurricane Katrina rebuilding efforts, etc. When he flies off to North Dakota to do political fund raising, don't you think it would be worthwhile for more than one Democrat to raise his/her voice?

"Why is the Roveulator out in North Dakota doing fundraising? And why, since he's a paid, full-time employee of the US Government, is he doing it on the Taxpayers Dime? He's got a job to do now that has nothing to do with fact it's closer to Barn-Raising."

It's time to start turning the eyes of the Nation onto the ize of Rove, and rip away the facade of competence that has been imbued by the Poodle Media and their apologists everywhere."

Why is the Democratic Party so full of spineless gasbags and timid old hacks?

As always The Heretik shows us although "words have power", a picture....well that's priceless:


James Walcott leads us to a great column by Denis Hamill. Hamill tells us what he thinks of the famous "bullhorn moment" in the WTC rubble.

"It will go down as one of the worst moments in American history because when he stood on the smoldering ruins amid the dust of the dead it was through that bullhorn that Bush's Big Lie was first shouted to the world that the people who knocked down those buildings would soon be hearing from us."

Within a few months, Bush had forgotten completely about the "people who knocked down" the WTC and was deep in planning to invade Iraq. His bullhorn moment really a bullshit moment.

At the Left Coaster, Steve Soto has a great post about Laura Bush taking away George's mojo.

"Hell, the press is making Bush out to be a cartoon character who needs to go to a military base to regain his image, while top Republicans are openly blaming Laura Bush for neutering her husband. To top it off, and as we have been saying for awhile now, this same top Republican says that team around Bush was never really that good to begin with; they only appeared good because the Democrats were so worthless.

And now it's happened. It must be fun around the house now, with a top Republican saying openly that Laura's got Bush's balls in her pocket. If Skippy wasn't drinking before, he is now."

Hopefully, we can keep him from starting another war to get the mojo back.

Orcinus has an "Art Bell" moment and tells us about wacko weatherman Scott Stevens.

[via the Idaho Falls Post Register] "He believes the Japanese mafia created Katrina as revenge for Hiroshima. The Japanese group is one of several, Stevens says, that likely possess the required technology: an electromagnetic generator developed in 1976 in Russia. He predicts the gangsters, Japan's Yakuza, intend to destroy another U.S. city within the year, probably by unleashing an earthquake or volcanic eruption in the West. "

Stevens quit his job at a real television station and is out promoting his theory (and probably a book, soon) full time. If you are a right wing wacko, the is no theory that is too outrageous to promote of get published. OK, the theory of evolution doesn't count.

MicroMayheM comes back from a long break to tell us Californians that we have been sentenced to "Seven Weeks of Governator Spin".

“This is California politics. Republican Governors (Schwarzenegger, Wilson, Reagan, etc...) have used the initiative process to circumvent how California makes laws. The current Governor is being co-oped by big business, corporate interest, and extreme Republican ideologies. To push an anti-union agenda that is unacceptable in the state legislature. The Governor is not supposed to create law as a king or monarch would. It is the responsibility of the Governor to enforce and promote the rule of law.”

And, I thought all we had to worry about was an earthquake.