Saturday, October 01, 2005

Democratic Traitors

Kiss Them Off - Who Needs Em'

You don't expect a man like Rep. Richard Pombo (CA-11) to give a damn about the environment or the Endangered Species Act (ESA). That is why he is pushing legislation through Congress to gut the ESA. Pombo is a mean, selfish and ultimately worthless political tool, who is building his reputation on his advocacy of the wholesale demolition of the environment. Not the roll back of environmental regulations, but a complete turnover of environmental responsibility to corporations, agribusiness and greed.

The Saint Petersburg Times calls Pombo's behavior "reckless endangerment".

"Pombo called the Endangered Species Act "a failure in terms of the conflict with private property owners." That assumes the property owner is always right. There may be unnecessary litigation and delay, but that means the current law should be tweaked, not destroyed.

Pombo is right that few species have been removed from the endangered species list, but if he gets his way, the list will only grow longer."

My anger isn't focused on Pombo. Pombo's bill to gut the ESA passed by a 229-193 margin. 34 Republicans voted against Pombo. 36 Democrats voted for Pombo's bill. Pombo's attack on the Endangered Species Act passed because a group of Democrats said "the hell with endangered species - we're with Dick Pombo and screw the environment and the rest of you!"

Here is the list of all votes. If your Democratic member of congress voted with Pombo get in their face and demand to know why.