Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Once Around - And Back Again

Hunter at the Daily Kos links to an in-depth analysis of Republican tax cuts for the rich and the abandonment of infrastructure maintenance for the rest of us. The piece in In These Times chronicles the impact of each tax cut for the rich and corporations in the context of critical public projects being starved.

"Year after year, the Bush administration insisted on massive tax cuts for the wealthy. And year after year, the White House refused to provide the funding government experts said was needed to strengthen levees, beef up hurricane preparedness and get federal emergency response ready for an onslaught from Mother Nature. America’s budget surplus, built in the ’90s to serve as a rainy day fund, was robbed to provide more and more giveaways to the rich. When the rainiest day of them all came, our country was left totally—and unnecessarily—vulnerable."

A must read. The Republican playbook for drowning some of the most critical functions of government in the Katrina bathtub.

By now lots of bloggers have linked to this article in the San Francisco Chronicle that details the events surrounding Pat Tillman's death, the ensuing cover-up by the military and the shameless exploitation of Tillman by the Pentagon and the Bush Administration.

"A Chronicle review of more than 2,000 pages of testimony, as well as interviews with Pat Tillman’s family members and soldiers who served with him, found contradictions, inaccuracies and what appears to be the military’s attempt at self-protection."

Pat Tillman's family deserves to know what happened to Pat. And, we all deserve to know if the Bush Administration used Pat Tillman's death for propaganda purposes.