Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cunningham Back At Work

Most of the residents of California's 50th Congressional District had pretty much resigned themselves to having no representation in Congress until after the 2006 elections. With Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham spending the majority of his time worrying about litigation and no time thinking about legislation, the 50th District is pretty much on its own.

Of course, when he was legislating, most of Cunningham's work was done behind the scenes and consisted mostly of earmarking specific appropriations to companies and individuals who were big contributors to his campaign funds or, in some cases his personal bank account.

Cunningham's legal term surfaced in San Diego yesterday claiming that Cunningham's rights had been violated by the Federal Governments use of a lis pendens to block Cunningham's ability to sell his $3.5M Rancho Santa Fe mansion. The North County Times chronicles Cunningham's complaint.

"U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham and his wife contend that the federal government violated their due process rights by moving to block the sale of their Rancho Santa Fe estate and are asking for monetary damages.

The couple also argue that the action to block and eventually move to seize the proceeds of a sale has resulted in "low-ball" offers far below the $3.5 million they are seeking for the property...

...In pleadings filed Tuesday in the government's civil case seeking forfeiture of the home, Cunningham's attorneys argue that the government's action was a clear violation of federal law...

...As a result, the Cunninghams are asking a judge to "remedy the government's knowing violation of their due process right by awarding monetary damages as well reasonable attorneys' fees and costs," the attorneys state. The amount being sought was not specified."

You've got to give Cunningham credit. He accepts a $700,00 bribe and then gets all pissy when the government tries to keep him from stashing the money in an off-shore bank account.

Only one day later, Cunningham was expressing his concern over the impact that the massive $51.8 billion hurricane relief bill was going to have
on the national debt. According to Reuters,

"Rep. Randy Cunningham, a California Republican who also serves on the House Appropriations Committee, told Reuters after the meeting that conservatives fretted about the huge relief costs with "more storms (gathering off the southern coast), the Iraq war and health care" costs that are rapidly escalating for the federal government.

Cunningham said that none of those Republicans suggested scaling back costly tax-cut proposals they have advanced for the past few years. Instead, he said they urged the Bush administration to look at ways to save on Gulf Coast reconstruction by waiving rules requiring union laborers for upcoming federal contracts."

That's our Duke. Save money by waiving the rules, but make sure that the super rich get their tax cuts. What a tool.