Monday, September 05, 2005

Creating Our Own Reality

The Bush Administration continues to provide spin that the mainstream media picks up an reports as fact. Lies, misdirection, you name it. Where does it come from? From the Bush's political advisors, from Karl Rove. The media buys in to it at the same time they are reporting that is it happening.

From AmericaBlog:

"Clearly, Rove's smear strategy was accepted by reporters without question. Think about that for a second. The same guy who has lied to them about the Plame affair (even though most of them already knew) is now able to lie about Katrina."

People are still dying because of the confused and incompetent Federal response to the disaster. Continuing lack of communication and failure to utilize the resources available are leading to more deaths. While Rove spins and Bush seeks photo ops, people are dying.

From K/O (and CNN):

"My guys are coming back and telling me, 'Sir, I went into a house, and there are three elderly people in their beds, and they're gasping, and they're dying,' " Coast Guard Capt. Bruce Jones said. "And we got calls today, 'We need you ... to go to a place in St. Bernard Parish. It's a hospice, ... and there are 10 dead and there are 10 dying.' But those people were probably alive yesterday or the day before."

Though pilots, rescue crew members and maintenance workers are red-eyed and exhausted, they're refusing to rest, CNN's Karl Penhaul reported. For every person plucked from the flood, there are hundreds still waiting, rescuers say. "There's simply not enough resources," Jones said."

For the last word on this, let's turn to One Pissed Off Veteran:

"Look carefully at the chaos that has erupted, and watch the inevitable finger-pointing. Horsefucker Brown started it by blaming the victims because they didn't evacuate, and blaming the state and local governments for not asking for help sooner (Note to Horsefucker: The Louisiana governor called for help two days before the hurricane hit, and you assholes have the fucking nerve to say that nobody could have predicted it, you goddamn two-faced hypocritical liars).

Watch it and tell me if you feel more secure. Watch it and tell me that if another panic evacuation of a major American city has to take place, the assholes at the top are going to be anything but even more Keystone-Kop-fucked-up than they were in their reaction to Katrina.

Watch it all. Because our enemies are watching it. If anything could give them "aid and comfort", it is watching the Gang that Couldn't Think Straight trying to react to this hurricane: Baby Doc eating cake, playing golf and pretending to strum a guitar while people are dying. God forbid he should have to react to a real emergency."

Tell me why anyone thinks these people should be running our country? K/O suggests you call the White House and demand that they start saving lives,

"Government is shut down...but you can always call the White House 202 456 1414....just say..."CNN says the Coast Guard needs help rescuing people in New Orleans."