Monday, August 15, 2005

Toss Cindy Out - Damn Hippies

There Goes The Neighborhood

Newsday reports that some of President Bush's Crawford neighbors are going to go to court to get Cindy Sheehan and her growing peace movement thrown out of town.

"After nine days of watching as one woman's protest has grown into a national event, dozens of the farmers and ranchers neighboring Bush's 1,600-acre Prairie Chapel Ranch plan to petition a county court in nearby Waco, according to one, Pete Martinka. They want to prevent anyone from parking or stopping within two miles of the makeshift campsite erected by Cindy Sheehan...

"She's pitching tents on private property," said Martinka, who lives on a 104-acre ranch near the Bush property.

"People are very fed up," said another neighbor, Sgt. Vernon Harrison, 42, a National Guard nurse who returned from Iraq in February."

What a surprise! Bush and his crew are in mortal fear of Cindy Sheehan. She has done more political damage to him in a week than the Democratic Party has done in five years. How many visits from Bush aides do you think it took to get the neighbors to begin to complain?

President Bush could solve his neighbor's problem in less than an hour. That's all the time it would take for him to drive or bicycle down to Camp Casey and sit down with Ms. Sheehan.

He was able to take the time to call golfer Phil Mickelson this morning when Mickelson won the PGA Championship golf tournament. You would think that he could find a few minutes to help his neighbors out.

Bush is such a coward.