Friday, August 12, 2005

The Love Child of . . . . .

This is a lowly blog. I know it and I understand it. Each day a dozen or so people spend a few minutes reading my rants and then get on with their business. With the push of a button, I reach people all over the world. It is a very bizarre thing, this blog business.

When I think of my blog in journalistic terms, I look upon it as perhaps the love child of The National Inquirer and the Christain Science Monitor. Demented, yet dignified.

All of that is by way of suggesting that this blog doesn't have a problem with the big picture or big ideas, we just don't do that stuff very well.

Someone who does do ideas well, is Kid Oakland. And, over at K/O there is an excellent post, "for a politics of coalition", about what Democrats need to do to put themselves in position to save this country. It is an important post and one that every Democrat and progressive should read.

"The challenge of pragmatic coalition building is that it is nowhere near as exciting as talking about frames or getting the top 100 blogs to do project x. It is, however, and this is a point I cannot emphasize enough, the most powerful thing we can do to counter Republican dominance of our political life. Coalition-building, hard work though it is, is the single best long-term political investment you can make. "

Read it and think about what we have to do.

Me, I'm going to try and find another picture of Arnold in a bathtub smoking a big Cuban cigar, while Tom Delay peels grapes for him. It's my niche.