Monday, August 15, 2005

Cunningham Scams Investors

Most of the people who contributed to Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham did so because they thought that he represented their interests in Washington. Some, who contributed, know just how much Cunningham was representing their personal and corporate interest in Washington.

The question the North County Times asks in an editorial today regarding all those hundreds of thousands of dollars given to Cunningham:

"... as far as we know, the legal bills he's paying don't stem from his service to his North County constituents. Instead, the grand jury is investigating Duke's sale of his personal home in Del Mar Heights to a suddenly successful defense contractor, and his low-cost residence on that same contractor's yacht.

Imagine if you had collected thousands of dollars on behalf of your favorite local charity or ballot proposition. Do you think you could "redirect" that money to pay your divorce lawyer, or the lawyer representing you in a personal-injury lawsuit?

...We wonder if his campaign donors feel they are getting what they paid for."

There is another group in the North County that want to see Cunningham do more that resign at the end of his term. The group Resign Randy is circulating an on-line petitions demanding that Cunningham resign immediately.

Is suspect that neither the NC Time editorial nor Resign Randy will get much satisfaction from Cunningham.

The Republican Congress of Corruption rolls on.