Saturday, August 20, 2005

Beat The War Drum

We Need More Soldiers -
Democrats Need Not Apply

The call has gone out over at Operation Yellow Elephant (OYE) for more soldiers. Due to the unfortunately, Frenchified, ambivalence of so many Democrats and scum sucking liberals, our nation must turn to the true patriots - Republicans in Congress.

After months of unanswered direct appeals to Young Republicans, Operation Yellow Elephant is looking to Republican members of Congress to take two critical actions:

1. Increase the maximum age for cannon fodder recruits to 42.

2. All Republicans who are 42 and younger should immediately enlist in the Army.

With its trademark thoroughness, OYE has provided the complete list of newly eligible members of Congress with contact information for each one. Although they clearly understood that this change in age limits allows them to immediately come to the aid of their country, many may need encouragement.

In a related post the leader of OYE, General J. C. Christian explains why his organization is only working with Republican members of Congress.

"I've only listed Republicans below, because I didn't want to force the Dems to take a stand until they've had a chance to see a little pressure put on the Republicans. That might prompt them to change their position. After all, we're talking about Congressional Dems here--seeing someone else get hammered should scare the hell out of them. Everything else does."

Sadly, I must agree with the General, most Democrats in Congress are afraid of their own shadows. They live in mortal fear of Republicans and often appear to soil themselves in the presence of any Bush Administration officials. We certainly don't want them enlisting.