Friday, July 15, 2005

Rover News - This Dog Can't Hunt

The War of the Roves goes on. It certainly appears that the right wing is having trouble gaining any traction in their efforts to deflect criticism of Rove's behavior back onto the victims, the news media, lefty bloggers and anyone else that happens to be in the neighborhood when they light off one of their stinkbombs.

Bush's problem is simple. The guy who would normally be telling him when to cut his losses and move on is the guy who would get the axe should Bush follow that advice. On his own, Bush's instinct will be to ignore this until it goes away. That is a mind set that comes from decades of having others bail you out of the problems you create. Bush is on his own in this one.

Mahablog has an outstanding summary of all things Rove in today's Rove Watch. The watch concludes with this summary:

Essentially....the Bush White House is up against something they can't control or spin away--a possible indictment. Karl Rove is brilliant at creating beautiful fantasy castles for the faithful to live in so they don't have to confront painful truths about the Bush Regime.
It's not just the left wing blogosphere that is involved in the Rove feeding frenzy. Former Nixon Counsel, John Dean in a CNN legal analysis provides this bad news for Karl:

Rove may be able to claim that he did not know he was leaking "classified information" about a "covert agent," but there can be no question he understood that what he was leaking was "sensitive information." The very fact that Matt Cooper called it "double super-secret background" information suggests Rove knew of its sensitivity, if he did not know it was classified information (which by definition is sensitive).

The last words go to Margaret Carlson writing in the LA Times:

Rove is not a thug, he is a coward. He could have come clean long ago, saved millions in taxpayers' dollars and spared everyone a lot of agony. Instead, we've had a two-year investigation to find out what President Bush could have learned by walking across the hall.
The right wing noise makers can continue to howl at the moon, but at the heart of this, Rove could have walked across the hall and told the President he did it.

Wait................maybe he did.