Friday, July 15, 2005

Let's Ask Congress for Help

General J.C. Christian, Patriot, has seen the enemy closing in on the ramparts of the Bush Presidency and is asking for help. The power to destroy opponents through the leaking of classified information forms the basis for much of what passes for public debate in the right wing circles of our government. If Karl Rove looses his ability to leak classified information, then he will have to turn to lying and just plain making stuff up.

If Democrats were to succeed in their efforts to revoke the security clearance of a patriot like Karl Rove, what sort of powers would Karl have left? The General needs our help to put a stop to this anti-American effort.

He urges us all to email our senators the following message:

Dear Senator,

I support the Administration's right to destroy its critics by betraying intelligence agents and leaking classified national security information. Please continue to oppose the Senate Democrats' attempts to revoke the security clearances of those who leak classified material.

Thank you,

[Your name here]

Your country needs you.