Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mr. Lucky Moves Up To #5

Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham continues to do the 50th District proud. The Bulldog Manifesto has elevated the Duke to #5 on their hit parade of Republican scandals. Duke moves up with the big boys now following behind such giants of sleeze as Karl Rove (#1) and Tom Delay (#3). Make us proud, Duke!

Sisyphus Shrugged has an excellent post on Duke's most recent bust. The whole post is well worth the read, but the summary captures the essence of the affair:

So let's review the bidding. The Dukester sold his yacht to a crooked developer who put a great deal of money into fixing up the boat, which is still not seaworthy, but neglected to file the paperwork transferring title. Then he arrranged for the honorable gentleman's mortgage and paid some of it off himself. In the interim, three years after the completely undocumented sale (upon which I rather imagine that Mr. Cunningham has neglected to pay taxes) took place, Mr. Cunningham transferred the registration on the boat, which he no longer owned except for having sold it, to his new address, preparatory to taking the now considerably more valuable boat back in a transaction which itself would have to be undocumented, since (except for having sold it) Mr. Cunningham is still the owner of record.