Tuesday, July 05, 2005

One Lucky Guy

The hits just keep coming for Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham. There are no words to describe the level of corruption to which this "public servant" has sunk. Today's revelation concerns another extremely profitable sale that the Duke made that stayed under the radar until now.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that heavy duty Republican contributor and convicted scam artist Thomas T. Kontogiannis not only bought Cunningham's old boat, the Kelly C, at three times it original purchase price, but that he also arranged for two mortgage loans for Cunningham's Rancho Santa Fe house through a company owned by his nephew and the nephew's wife.

A similar article in the Washington Post has more details regarding the condition of the Kelly C and the various financial slight of hand maneuvers that gave Duke at least one loan that did not require routine payments.

For more summary information check out this TPM post and a follow-up.

What may be the most depressing part of this whole sordid series of events is the fact that there is most likely more to come.