Monday, July 04, 2005

Duke Ducks Out

From Hero to Zero

Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham avoided his constituents at a community event in Encinitas today. Cunningham had confirmed his plan to attend the Encinitas 4th of July Pancake Breakfast with the event organizers late last week. Today, however, Cunningham refused to face his constituents, excusing himself to avoid the "media frenzy" his appearance would likely cause in the laid back coastal community.

Of course it was Cunningham's behavior that created that media interest in the first place. Perhaps if Duke had decided to continue to be a war hero turned politician instead of a war hero turned profiteer, he wouldn't have to worry about his welcome at a local 4th of July celebration.

I was at the event which included the usual trapping of a neighborhood 4th of July get together: a Boy and Girl Scout honor guard, decorated bicycle parade and pancake flipping exhibition. Two camera crews were present along with several members of the print media and two gentlemen who claimed to be there to protest. Talk about a frenzy!