Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain...............

Look Over There, Isn't That Judge Roberts???

So, President Bush rushed his nomination for the newest Supreme forward a couple of weeks. He was just excited about finding a jurist with Roberts' experience (all two years of it) available.

Roberts will be confirmed. If, he can be portrayed as an extremist that will have a positive long term impact. But, bottom line he will be sitting on the court for the next twenty five years and Democrats need to get used to it.

The lies and deceptions that got us into Iraq need to be the focus and Karl Rove is at the heart of all of it. We can't back off and get distracted by what we all knew was going to happen sooner or later as far as the SCOTUS goes.

Here is another take on the meaning behind Plamegate from :
What's being covered up in the Plame/Rove case seems to revolve around the Bush Administration's orchestrated, and perhaps illegal, propaganda campaign to justify its invasion of Iraq. Valerie Plame and her husband Ambassador Joseph Wilson -- who wrote the op-ed in the New York Times that got this whole thing going -- are just the tips of very large icebergs...

...depending on what Bush and Cheney knew and when they knew it -- and what they did or covered-up in the possible light of such knowledge -- there may be plenty of ammunition for likely impeachment hearings. (Note: Bush hired a private attorney last summer for this CIA-leak case. )
The conspiracy was the plan to start a war. Terrorism had nothing to do with it, that was just part of the web of lies.

We can't loose sight of the man behind the curtain. The guy helping his boss look awesome and powerful. The guy putting the words in Bush's month through his earpiece. The guy ready to do anything to anyone to insure that Bush stays in power.