Sunday, July 17, 2005

Second Front

The Heretik has the goods and Operation Yellow Elephant confirms it - the Bush Twins are going to war. After weeks of special training at an undisclosed after hours club in Manhattan, Jenna and Barbara are heading out to Iraq in the near future.

In an article set to be published in tomorrow's Washington Times the Twins disclose details of the Army's plans for their future:
Specialist(s) Bush's mission is to open an exclusive club in the Green Zone for Young Republicans attached the US Embassy in Baghdad and any soldiers that get past the Blackwater supplied bouncers at the front door. They plan to pattern the club after their favorite Washington night spot, NerveAnna. With a full time DJ and well drinks for only two dinar during happy hour. These spunky Specialists believe that they can substantially improve morale in Iraq.
Speaking of the twins, who nominally come under his command, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (Uncle Rummy to these two young soldiers) said, "in their own way, they may constitute an entire second front in the war on terror."

Speaking for Operation Yellow Elephant, General J.C. Christian enthusiastically endorsed the Twin's decision to join up and sounded the call to the Bush Twin's recalcitrant friends, "party at the bombed out tank, bring your own body armor!"