Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nuking Too Good For Them

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo refused to back down from his assertion that the United States should target Moslem holy sites in response to a terrorist attack on the US involving nuclear
weapons. Tancredo, who is exploring the possibility of running for President in 2008, had been best known for his racist stand on immigration. It is interesting to watch a presidential candidate build his platform plank by absurd plank.

Tancredo who has been trying to portray his comments as "hypothetical" apparently doesn't understand that the 99.999% of the world's one billion Moslems would not consider a "hypothetical" nuclear threat hanging over their sacred sites as a positive development.

Tancredo is on his way to becoming the poster boy for Republican foreign policy and by his own admission, he is ready for the job.

"Tough things are said. And we should not shy away from saying things that need to be said."

Like most tough talking Republican chickenhawk warriors, Tancredo missed Vietnam service. In his case it was a deferment for severe depression.