Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Voice In My Head Is Going Away

The Heretik has a great take on the impending demise of the "narrator" whose voice comes out of Bush's mouth.

The terms of the narrative have changed. The narrator Rove has lost his voice. The tale will now be one of vengeance, of avenging justice, told by the countless previously quieted minions who know they have been lied to. If the nation could be captured by the story of a president who ended up on the wrong side of stains on a girl’s blue dress, don’t doubt the stain of lies and treason, of wronging a woman in service to her country won’t be a bigger mess.
The Heretik also manages to drop in a quote from the always excellent Majithise,

Lots of politicians distort the facts for political reasons. Rove is bold enough to act as if logic itself had partisan rules. He's cooly deploying a diversionary strategy that doesn't even make sense.
Of course, there is another option to consider here. Maybe Rove isn't a genius....Maybe he was just lucky and maybe, just maybe, his luck has run out.