Monday, July 18, 2005

Lie Faster, They're Catching Up!

Over at The Impolitic, the proprietor has a quote from Mark Twain hanging on the wall.

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.”

Good advice that the Bush Administration has failed to heed over the years. Now, smothered in a cloud of lie, the Administration and its knee jerk apologists are lost in a fog of lies so thick that they can’t see the truth from any vantage point.

Check out AMERICABlog, where John Aravosis is typing at a frenzied pace to keep up with today’s spew of deception, restatement, evasion and outright falsehoods. It is a full time job.

At some point the MSM will have to begin to probe the chasm between the Administration's words and their actual deeds. Maybe the light have been turned on, if CBS’s Bob Schieffer is any indication:

Instead, this White House did what it usually does when challenged: It went into attack mode, called charges that the White House had leaked the name ridiculous, and allowed the controversy to boil until a special prosecutor had to be appointed. Now two years and millions of tax dollars later, the president's trusted friend and strategist Karl Rove has emerged as the top suspect, and we're left to wonder: Can anything said from the White House podium be taken at face value, or does the White House just deny automatically anything that reflects badly on it?

Some light may finally be touching upon the Bush fog of lies.