Monday, November 27, 2006

NC Times Calls Bilbray For Racist Behavior

The North County Times finds Brian Bilbray's (CA-50) courting of the racist Minutemen "poor leadership." Guess they had better get used to that from racist baiting Representative Bilbray.

In an editorial about a Minuteman rally focused on evicting migrant workers, many in the United States legally, the NC Times suggests that Bilbray and fellow North County racist, state senator (elect) Mark Wyland are failing in their obligation to lead the county and country to find a meaningful solution, instead of simply participating in a series of new age Klan rallies.
It's worrisome that this is where the illegal immigration debate is heading. Even more worrisome are the elected leaders who align themselves with such actions. Assemblyman and state Sen.-elect Mark Wyland of Vista was at the rally, saying he supports "every single one of these people who came out here." Congressman Brian Bilbray, who keeps an office in Escondido, has headlined other Minutemen rallies.

That's just poor leadership. Instead of offering a real solution to the problem, our politicians are encouraging folks to roust the homeless out of their makeshift shelters.
Bilbray's contribution to the national debate is to bring the rope and a can of gasoline.