Sunday, November 05, 2006

Why Brian Bilbray Will Win

James Walcott breaks down the Republican Party with painful precision. This is why scheming liars like Duke Cunningham and Brian Bilbray garner the votes of Republicans. It's simple; Republicans are stupid and proud of their ignorance. Just as fundamental Christians will accept hypocritical liars like Ted Haggard; they will accept strutting hypocritical politicians like George Bush and Brian Bilbray.

Republicans learned how to exploit the intelligence gap, herding the dopey faithful to the polls, and depending on their docility between elections. "Karl Rove was there to recognize that there were substantial powers to be obtained by catering to stupid stubborn people, and George W. Bush would be the man to harvest such resources," Norman Mailer brilliantly proposes in The Big Empty (a series of dialogues between Mailer and son John Buffalo). "George W. understood stupid people well. They were not dumb, their minds were not physically crippled in any way. They had chosen to be stupid because that offered its own kind of power. To win a great many small contests of will, they needed only to ignore all evidence. Bright people would break down trying to argue with them." It's like trying to reason with a box of rocks. If Rove's vision of a permanent Republican majority comes to rotten fruition, America may well devolve into the moronic dystopia of Mike Judge's movie Idiocracy—a mentally handicapped superpower buried under a mountain of garbage where the Fox News Channel is the sole source of information.
Tell the uncurious lies and they will believe them. Tell the uninterested lies and the will believe them. Wrap it all up in the flag and they will believe any lie you tell.

Hat tip to Democratic Veteran.