Sunday, November 19, 2006

How To Divide And Conquer

Brian Bilbray (CA-50) was elected to congress because of a single issue. He may do the normal political glad-handing and baby kissing, but at heart Bilbray's only viable issue is his anti-immigrant stance. His nativist position is the only card he has to play and he is a shady enough politician to know that the less he says the better. He lets talk radio and hate groups such as the Minutemen speak for him and he just stands to the side and nods in agreement.

Why did Brian Bilbray win in the 50th district. What is going on in San Diego's North County offers an explanation:

October 18:
Marking the division of a community, a shouting match erupted Wednesday night outside of Escondido City Hall after the City Council approved an ordinance barring landlords from renting to illegal immigrants.

What started as a crowd of about 30 people before the meeting then grew into two raucous crowds totaling about 100 people. One was predominantly Latino, carrying religious symbols and picket signs. The other was predominantly white, carrying American flags and photos of officers the group said were killed by illegal immigrants.
November 18:
A protest by several anti-illegal immigration groups Saturday afternoon on the edge of a canyon where migrant workers have camped for years was peaceful, but tense, as nearly 200 flag-toting demonstrators chanted, sang patriotic songs, and were confronted by a handful of human rights observers.
Brian Bilbray has a congressional liasion office in Escondido. He supports the city's unconstitutional housing ban.

Brian Bilbray actively courted the Minuteman vote.

These are his people.

First we have Duke Cunningham, liar and second rate crook.

Now we have Brian Bilbray, liar and racist.