Saturday, October 28, 2006

Brian Bilbray to 50th District - "Up Yours!"

Compare and contrast Democrat Francine Busby's campaign schedule with that of lying, carpetbagger Brian Bilbray (CA-50). Busby is actually taking her case to the people of the district she wants to represent. Bilbray on the other hand hasn't even bothered to update his website since May. Other than carefully scripted events and in-studio television "debates," Bilbray is non-existent in the 50th district. Even though he claims to live here. How very freaking odd.

Bilbray's refusal to campaign in the 50th district is an embarrassment to him and an affront to the voters in the district. Why won't Bilbray speak about the grand jury investigating him for perjury and voter fraud? Why won't he justify his vote for oil exploration off the 50th district coastline? Why won't he answer why his first vote in congress after his election was for a pay raise?

It's time to take out the garbage in the 50th district. What are the chances that we will find Brian Bilbray anywhere near his mother's home?