Friday, October 13, 2006

Brian Bilbray - Carpetbagging Liar

Here is the full statement from Democrat Francine Busby's press conference yesterday. The facts are clear and simple. Lobbyist, carpetbagger Brian Bilbray (CA-50) is being investigated by a grand jury in San Diego. Bilbray lied about his residence status in sworn statements and now he is under investigation. The mainstream media considers this a "he said/she said" until someone who has either been before the grand jury or who has first hand knowledge of the grand jury spills the story. In essence the media, including some serious journalist is waiting to have the story handed to them. So much for investigative journalism.

Is Bilbray The Target Of A Grand Jury Investigation?

Statement From Francine Busby, Candidate - Fiftieth Congressional District

Thank you being here today. These are difficult times, and grave circumstances.

I want to recognize the honor and courage of our Republican District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis, for doing the right thing - for rooting out corruption wherever it lies, without regard for partisan politics. This is what leadership is all about.

If Brian Bilbray is indeed being investigated by a criminal Grand Jury with the District Attorney's office, the voters of the 50th District deserve to know. They have a right to know because they have endured the Cunningham scandal. They have endured a year without effective congressional representation and they have endured a series of very difficult elections that cost over $15 million dollars. All because an elected official refused to be honest with voters and fully disclose the facts in a timely fashion.

Now, we find ourselves in similar circumstances. The citizens of the 50th District deserve no less than the full truth before casting their votes on November 7. Brian Bilbray must tell the voters of the 50th District if he is being investigated by a criminal Grand Jury for fraud. The people of this district have been through enough. They deserve nothing less.

Statement From Ray Drew, Campaign Manager:

Around Labor Day weekend, I received a call from a person who said he was a neighbor of Brian Bilbray’s mother. He had testified in front of a criminal Grand Jury with the District Attorney’s office in an investigation of Congressman Bilbray for fraud. This witness stated that he was asked questions regarding where Mr. Bilbray lived, whether he lived with his mother, and if he had ever seen him at his mother’s house. He stated that at least 5 of his neighbors had also been subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury.

Since then I have heard from other neighbors, confirming this report and adding additional details. They have all stated that they were heavily warned by the Grand Jury, not to repeat their testimony to the press, under penalty of contempt of court.

These neighbors have confirmed that Bilbray does not live there.

Just this past Monday, an attorney contacted me and asked to meet with me. He confirmed that he represented a client who had been subpoenaed and had testified in front of this Grand Jury. This witness felt compelled to let us know about the Grand Jury. He stated that the public should know that Bilbray is being investigated, especially given that this District has had to deal with so much scandal and corruption in the last few years. But he could not risk coming forward to the press.

This attorney had spoken to a Deputy DA and confirmed that indeed the District Attorney’s office was investigating Bilbray on charges related to fraud. Mr. Bilbray signed his voter registration form, under penalty of perjury, stating that he lived with his mother on Unicornio Street in Carlsbad.

Brian Bilbray did not have to establish residence in the 50th district to run for congress. It was a choice he made. He could have run from his Virginia home or his Imperial Beach address. It was his decision to pretend he lived in Carlsbad, the middle of the 50th district. So the lies and deceptions are his and his alone.

There is some limited local media coverage, here and here, but, let's face it, no 16 year olds are being raped by congressmen and Bilbray's association with Jack Abramoff, though real, isn't likely to end up in an indictment, so the media doesn't really give a shit.