Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Will The Lapdog Media Cover Bilbray's Grand Jury?

Circling around the story concerning the San Diego grand jury investigation of Representative Brian Bilbray's (CA-50) are a number of main stream journalist. None will publish the story until they receive confirmation from either the district attorney or a witness that the investigation exists.

Credible sources, say the story is true and that there is indeed a grand jury investigation of Bilbray in place. Bilbray's place of residence and time of residence in the 50th district are already a matter of record. While claiming his mother's La Costa home as a residence, Bilbray spent no time at that address and was also claiming legal rights to his home in Virginia.

The bottom-line, Bilbray never established legal residence in the 50th district. He falsified records and made claims on multiple residences, but he never resided in the 50th district. Perjury, voter fraud, the list of potential charges goes on and on.

The main stream media refuses to investigate this story. They are sitting this one out until someone comes forward and hands them the story. Do you think the fact that both major San Diego County newspapers endorsed Bilbray in June has something to do with the editorial reluctance to do their jobs? Sure looks that way.