Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bilbray Speaks From Undisclosed Location

Today's North County Times gives us some feedback from lobbyist, carpetbagger Brian Bilbray's (CA-50) undisclosed bunker (you know the place where the surfer congressman lays his head and hangs his wetsuit).

Bilbray tells the NC Times that "he has not been subpoenaed by any grand jury and has no knowledge of the existence of one." As reassuring as that might be, Bilbray seems to have missed the point that many others seem to have discovered: there is a grand jury and it is investigating Bilbray's false statements regarding his place of residence prior to the special congressional election in the 50th district.

Democrat Francine Busby's campaign responded to Bilbray's spin and obsfucation by pointing out that it a large number of people living in the La Costa neighborhood where Bilbray claim residence in his mother's home, have been called before a GRAND JURY to testify as to the veracity of Bilbray's claim. And, to a man/women they have testified that Bilbray is nowhere to be seen at the house where he claims residence.

There is a grand jury and it is investigating Bilbray. That's the reality, despite what Bilbray says. He lied about where he lives, what else will he lie about?