Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cunningham to "liablest" Reporters - It's All Your Fault

In a letter responding to an interview request from reporter Marcus Stern, former 50th district congressman and now convicted felon, Randy "Duke" Cunningham laid the blame for his incarceration on Stern and the San Diego Union Tribune.

To Cunningham, Stern, whose work breaking the Cunningham bribery story won him a Pulitzer, is the reason that Duke is sitting in prison. Apparently the bribes Cunningham solicited and accepted had no influence on his current situation.

In a letter filled with spelling and punctuation errors, Cunningham tells Stern and his colleagues that the “truth will come out and you will find out how liablest [libelous] you have & will be.”

Cunningham also blames Mitchell Wade, who provided him with millions in cash and gifts, while Cunningham directed a series of earmaks to Wade's MZM Incorporated. According to Cunningham, “Wade is the absolute devil and his lawyer is trying to save his donkey.”

So, this is Randy "Duke" Cunningham in a nutshell. In Duke's world he is the victim. The victim of a businessman who kept giving him things and a journalist who reported on those gifts. Duke sees himself as entitled to the bribes and undeserving of the criticism and consequences of these actions.

The sad part of all this is the fact that this sick, perverted man with his sense of personal entitlement and his complete lack of ethics or morality was elected and reelected to congress time after time by the Republicans of the 50th district. Who is more to blame the enabled or the enablers?