Saturday, June 17, 2006

Don't Forget Doolittle!

Yesterday, TPM Muckraker's Paul Kiel gave us a run down on the on-going Cunningham corruption investigation that is being driven out of San Diego. The primary target of that effort is undoubtedly Brent Wilkes, but Paul also noted several others who are in the crosshairs of the Feds.
So Brent Wilkes has the most to fear. And remember that Wilkes is a big fish - who was close to Tom DeLay, DeLay bagman and superlobbyist Ed Buckham, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), lobbyist Bill Lowery, and yes, Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) (more on that later).
One of Wilkes' key friends in congress was omitted from Paul's list. Let's make sure that we don't forget John Doolittle (CA-4), who is up to his neck in Wilkes related dealings.

While you are checking into Doolittle, don't miss the outstanding work being done over at Dump Doolittle, where Doolittle's dealings with Jack Abramoff and the Marianas Islands. And, let's not forget some of the other Republican players in that story: Dick Pombo, Tom Delay and even Brian Bilbray.