Monday, June 12, 2006

Immigration - A Key 2006 Issue

Apparently, Democrat Francine Busby was working off another script, one supplied by the DCCC, that suggested that immigration wasn't such a big deal. I think Busby had two options, one was to position herself to the right of Republican carpetbagging lobbyist Brian Bilbray; the other was to try and organize Latino voters. Busby choose neither path and Bilbray is going to be sworn in tomorrow as the representative of the 50th CD, despite the fact that he has never lived in the district.

Here is what the wingnuts say about the election.
"You don't need papers for voting."

Those effectively were the last words of the congressional campaign of Democratic candidate Francine Busby, who lost the special election last week to fill the seat vacated by Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R.-Calif.), who resigned from Congress after pleading guilty to bribery.

Last August, we said that immigration was going to be a key issue in the 2006 elections, but apparently the Democrats refused to believe us or Howard Dean and treated the issue as if it didn't matter to voters. Guess what DCCC, it does matter!