Wednesday, June 07, 2006

CA-50 Numbers and Ramblings

Francine Busby will end up the run-off election with about the same number of votes that she received in the April 11 special election, where she pulled down 56,147 votes. Her Republican advisaries in that election garnered 67,104 votes, while Brian Bilbray is likely to end up with several thousand votes less than that in winning the run-off.

If you look at the Republican primary, the number of votes cast for all Republican candidates is roughly equal to the total number of votes that Bilbray has amassed in the run-off, which obviously is less than the number of Republican votes cast in the special election.

Republican turnout is lower than in the special election, while Democratic turnout and independent votes for Busby are roughly the same as the special election.

Considering the millions of dollars spent by candidates and their parties respectively, you have to question the value of all that effort. Busby's numbers are unchanged and Bilbray managed to hang onto enough Republicans to manage a victory.