Sunday, June 11, 2006

Great Summary of the Lewis Crime Family Activity

At the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, George Watson does a great job summarizing Representative Jerry Lewis' (CA-41) various criminal ventures.

Here's a quick summary via Watson's words of the highlights of the Lewis crime spree:

The Cunningham connection....

Two words: Brent Wilkes

The revolving door....

Hard to tell who worked for
Copeland Lowery Jacquez Denton & White from Lewis' staff. Oh wait, some of those folks were getting paid by the taxpayers as members of Lewis' staff at the same time they were getting pay-out or commissions from Copeland Lowery, etc.

A family tie....

Lewis' stepdaughter pulling down tens of thousands of lobbyist dollars running a PAC that took in five times as much money as it paid out.

Lewis and Lowery....

The crux of it all. Millions (maybe billions) of our tax dollars earmarked to clients of former San Diego congressman turned super-lobbyist Bill Lowery. Tens of thousands of dollars from those same clients donated to Lewis' campaign or PACs.

Jerry Lewis looked the other way while Duke Cunningham blatantly took millions in bribes for earmarking tens of millions of our dollars to companies that were set up for the express purpose of scamming the government and stealing our money. Now, all of a sudden people are realizing that Cunningham wasn't smart enough or powerful enough to pull of that sort of scam without help.