Saturday, April 08, 2006

Republicans Hate America

The Washington Post says that the Cunningham scandal is going to have an impact on the special election race in California's 50th District.
If there is any doubt about whether ethics matter, consider how the scandal of a former GOP congressman now doing prison time for tax evasion and bribery has cast a long shadow over a House election.

This solid Republican district on the Southern California coast should be a cakewalk for the GOP in Tuesday's contest to choose Randy "Duke" Cunningham's successor. Complicating the Republican outlook, however, is Democrat Francine Busby, whose campaign has shone a harsh spotlight on corruption, and an everyone-on-the-ballot format involving 18 candidates.

The Washington Post is wrong.

Democrat Francine Busby garnered 37% of the vote against Cunningham in 2004. So far, with the exception of one poll, Busby is projected to pull in somewhere around 40% of the vote.

So.....A vast majority of Republicans will continue to vote for Republicans, because they don't give a damn about corruption in Washington or President Bush screwing the Constitution or denying Americans the protections afforded by the Bill of Rights.

Republicans hate America and all of the ideals for which it stands. The Washington Post is full of shit. Republicans care about power and wedge issues. That's all. The numbers prove me right.