Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No Respect

Down With Tyranny asks if The Worst President ever has become the Rodney Dangerfield of American Politics?

Dangerfield made a few pretty bad movies, but none of his bombs were had the megaton rating of Bush's bunker busters.

The new SUSA polls on presidential approval came out today. Oy! Other than brain-washed Mormons-- I mean, really now, should Utah be a state?? with 2 senators and some representatives? and with a part in electing presidents? be real-- the only states where Bush has a greater approval rating than his disapproval rating are Idaho (home of the Aryan Nation), Wyoming (home of Dick Cheney) and Nebraska. It's tied in Oklahoma. Other than that every single state-- including even the entire Confederacy-- pegs Bush's disapproval rating at 50% or worse.

The problem with Bush is simply that he doesn' t care if all 50 states write him off. As long as he is president and as long as God is speaking directly to him, he doesn't need our approval.