Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Roach Ad - Is He Running?

Over at San Diego Politics, a new Eric Roach radio ad becomes Exhibit A for the case that Roach will mount a serious primary challenge to Brian Bilbray. It is rather unusual for a candidate to run a new ad when the election is over, unless he is looking forward to the next election. In Roach’s case, that next election is the Republican primary in June. Conservative commentator, Jon Fleischman also notes Roach’s new ad and then builds the case for a Roach candidacy.
We'll see what happens in the coming days and weeks, but while there is no doubt that Bilbray would be a better Congressman than ultra-liberal Francine Busby (and therefore deserves your 'aye' vote in the special run-off to fill out Duke's term), my conversations with people who served with Bilbray in Congress, or who worked with his staff, have convinced me that this is not a movement conservative - not even close. At best, Bilbray will become a "yes man" for the current House Leadership, who will not bring to the floor the kind of meaningful spending reduction votes to expose the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) or in a worst-case scenario, Bilbray ends up being a part of this group of rebel moderate GOPers who actively thwart our Party's chance to reduce government redistribution of funds, and instead put it back into the pockets of taxpayers.
If Roach runs it will be based, in part, on the impact of these conservative arguments and, to some extent, on Roach’s willingness to continue to self-finance his campaign.

Stay tuned.