Thursday, April 20, 2006

No, Never..... Did I Say Not Ever

Remember when Representative John Doolittle (CA-4) defended his wife's 15% off the top commission for her fund raising work for John Doolittle? He said that that sort of commission was "customary." That's news to the folks who actually do fundraising. They say the Doolittle's family commission arrangement violates their code of conduct.
The 27,000-member Association of Fundraising Professionals told the Roseville Republican in a letter this week that its ethics code "explicitly prohibits percentage-based compensation" and it urged his campaign to cease paying Julie Doolittle's company, Sierra Dominion Financial Solutions, that way.
Apparently, Doolittle asked his pals Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay what they thought of his arrangement with his wife. Jack and Tom were all for it.