Thursday, April 13, 2006

New California Field Poll - Bush's Popularity in Nixon Range

President Bush is plumbing new lows in California according to the most recent Field Poll.
The appraisal of the job President Bush is doing has reached a new low among California voters and is among the lowest of any president in modern history, according to a new Field Poll.

Only 32 percent of the registered California voters questioned by the nonpartisan public opinion survey said they approved of the job Bush is doing, compared to 62 percent who did not.
Bush's popularity, or lack of same, has fallen to a point where he is in danger of matching or falling below Richard Nixon's bellweather low rating of 24%. Bush has already fallen below his father's lowest California rating (37%) and, with this recent poll, managed to squeeze below Jimmy Carter (33%).
“They were just about to be voted out of office, or in the case of Richard Nixon, he was about to resign,” Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo said. “Bush still has more than two years to go, so I think we're in somewhat uncharted territory.”
"Uncharted territory!"