Tuesday, April 25, 2006

John Doolittle Obsessed With Erectile Dysfunction

Apparently, when he is not avoiding the media or asking his fellow church members for support, Representative John Doolittle (CA-4) does a little blogging on the side. Of course, being a solid conservative Republican, Representative Doolittle chooses a upstanding right wing blog for his comments. Doolittle is pissed that the federal government is subsidizing the cost of erectile dysfunction drugs for convicted sex offenders.
14 states allowed 800 sex offenders to acquire ED medications. Outraged, I offered an amendment to the Labor, Education and Health and Human Services Appropriations bill last year to prohibit this practice. The amendment was accepted by the Committee and progressed through much of the legislative maze before it was struck due to procedural objections in the House-Senate Conference on the bill. Fortunately, Congress acted in a subsequent bill, HR 3971, to prohibit the subsidized distribution of ED medications to all participants, not just sex offenders, in Medicare and Medicaid.
According to Doolittle the Republic is saved. But wait, here's the good part. The conservative audience over at the big time blog where Doolittle posted don't think much of Doolittle's efforts. Some comments regarding his post:

Instead of wasting our time trying to get us all excited over ED medications, why don't you do something about the $749 Billion Medicare Part D that you voted for which is almost twice the $395 Billion that you, Bush, and Frist told us it was going to cost?

Quit posturing by trying to push our buttons and try doing something substantive for a change.


While Congress fiddle f*rts around with ED medication there are actual things that need to be done.

And even when they deal with something as critical as ED meds they screw it up. You'll note that rather than just restict it from sex offenders its now prohibited to all Medicare recipients even the ones who don't prey on little children.

Every time the Congress makes a law its a joke and every time the make a joke its a law. But you can't say they aren't doing something --- even if it is a waste of time. Didn't Marie Antoinette have something to say about this? Or maybe it was the Romans and their circuses to amuse the masses.


While It's Great to see elected officials posting here, I don't see how this adds much to the discussion.

Congressman Doolittle seems to post these random thoughts that pop into his head on any given day. What we are looking for is a demonstration of leadership and vision, and an expression of where he stands on big issues and where he wants to take the GOP and the country.

These hit-and-run posts are annoying and condescending. Just because you make a post here doesn't mean you are engaging in any meaningful dialogue.

We know how bad the Dems are, stop posting about them. As a leader of the GOP, tell us why you are any better.
Well, you get the idea. Doolittle complains that all the media wants to do is talk about his ties to corruption so he goes onto a conservative web site and instead of talking about any substantative issue, brags about cutting off unnecessary drugs to 800 people. And, instead of getting praise, he gets cut down to size and held accountable for the financial disaster that he and his fellow Republicans have loosed on our country. Must be a bunch of liberals hiding out at RedState.

Hat tip to Dump Doolittle.