Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bilbray Is A Lobbyist - Make Him Say So

Republicans are calling for Brian Bilbray to tell the truth on the ballot for the 50th District special election. Here are the details from the San Diego Union Tribune.

Lawsuit filed over Bilbray's ballot job

In an effort to get former Rep. Brian Bilbray to list himself as a lobbyist on the 50th District election ballot, a supporter of one of his rivals filed a lawsuit against the state and county election offices yesterday.

“The issue in this case is whether a reasonably prudent person is likely to be misled regarding the occupation of a candidate whose ballot designation conceals his true occupation as a Registered Lobbyist,” the lawsuit states.

The petitioner in the lawsuit is Duane Admire, a supporter of candidate Eric Roach. Roach's campaign attorney is handling the lawsuit. Roach and Bilbray are among the 18 candidates seeking to replace Randy “Duke” Cunningham in the special election April 11.

The lawsuit names the state because it gave Bilbray permission this week to list his occupation as “immigrant reform consultant.” The county is named in the lawsuit because it is printing the ballots.

– Dani Dodge

More ethical behavior from a Republican politician.