Sunday, March 05, 2006

Look Who's Pimping for Kaloogian

As of the end of December the vast majority of campaign contributions Howard Kaloogian had raised for his campaign in the CA-50 were from outside the district. Kaloogian has little traction within the north San Diego County district, simply because his right wing neo-con views and lack of identification with any of the district's issues place him far outside the mainstream.

By the end of December only 28% of Kaloogian's top 100 contributors were from the 50th District. Of that group, over one third were from six families living in Rancho Santa Fe. It certainly looks like Howard has found his sweet spot in the 50th, but Rancho Santa Fe hardly represent the interests of the district. You can check out Howard's money sources here.

It isn't hard to understand why Kaloogian is so much of an outsider in the CA-50. Look at those who are supporting his candidacy. Over at Human Events - the National Conservative Weekly - a column called the Right Angle makes a pitch for funds for Kaloogian from California.

Howard Kaloogian, Republican front-runner in the
special election to fill former U.S. Congressman Duke Cunningham’s seat, sent an e-mail out to supporters today announcing that his top opponent, anti-war liberal Francine Busby, has collected over $1 million in campaign money -- according to the Federal Elections Commission -- most of which came through online solicitations from anti-war organization and promotions from leftist radio program Air America. Kaloogian, on the other hand, reports to have only $300,000 to his name.

Over at World Net Daily (sort of the National Enquirer for wingnuts) Kaloogian's partner in the astroturf scam known as Move America Forward, Melanie Morgan (re Swanson) attacks Francine Busby for appearing on the local San Diego affiliate of progressive radio's Air America. Morgan is a right wing radio talk show host in San Francisco and she uses the standard right wing noise machine tactics of associating Busby with a New York financial problem that the ownership group of Air America had long before Busby thought of running for congress.

Yet despite the focus on ethics in the race, Democrat Busby has now appeared on Air America programs several times, including on Al Franken's nationally syndicated show. Busby's campaign events are also promoted on the website of Air America's San Diego radio affiliate.


Which is why they stooped to the level of using taxpayer funds from charities to keep the lights on – to benefit Democrat candidates like Francine Busby.

It is interesting that Morgan's attack on Busby followed a similar attack made by Kaloogian a couple of weeks earlier (coincidence or collusion - you decide). It is also interesting that Morgan (Swanson) did not disclose in her attack on Busby that she is directly associated with Kaloogian in Move America Forward or that she is a contributor to Kaloogian's campaign.

Still Kaloogian's campaign wanders on pulling in money and support from out-of-district wingers and the tattered remnants of the neo-con right, who have yet to give up their belief that we are winning in Iraq and that all our economy needs in one more tax cut for the rich.