Thursday, January 26, 2006

Morrow Jumps Ship

Last week we highlighted California state senator Bill Morrow's involvement with the right wing McCarthyite organizations known as the Bruin Alumni Association.

Well, Bill, who is running for Randy "Duke" Cunningham's vacated congressional seat in the CA-50, has decided that his support the Bruin Alumni Associations was a bit to controversial. Morrow has resigned from the groups "advisory board".

"The Bruin Alumni Association-which consists of a single employee, 2003 UCLA graduate Andrew Jones--posted a Web site earlier this month which said it is "dedicated to exposing UCLA's most radical professors."� The Association made headlines with an offer to pay students for recordings of lectures and other class materials that could be used of evidence of such radicalism. The offer was withdrawn Sunday due to legal pressure from UCLA, though the site said the Association will still accept materials on a "volunteer"� basis. Jones declined to comment for this story.

Wade Teasdale, Morrow's chief of staff, said that the Senator agreed to become a member of the advisory board several months ago when contacted by Jones. However, he said, Jones "never asked for advice on anything." He added that the Morrow was "out of the loop" on the offer to pay students. The Senator's name disappeared from the Bruin Alumni Association website
midday Wednesday.

Morrow, who is also a candidate in the upcoming special election to replace former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham in the 50th Congressional district, is currently preparing new legislation designed to help guarantee diversity of opinion on college campuses. This follows two stalled attempts at similar legislation: SB 1335 in 2004 and SB 5 last year. Both failed to make it out
of committee, Teasdale said."

Keep in mind, Morrow doesn't have a problem with stiffling free speech on college campuses, he just wants to do it his (and Dovid Horowitz's) way and not have to pay bounties for professor's lecture notes.

It is interesting that Morrow was so willing to lend his name to the Bruin organization, without any effort to find out what the group expoused or what tactics they intended to use. Then when the organization began to garner negative publicity, Morrow ran away from it. Obviously, Morrow is a very principled Republican.