Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Free Speech

Saw this diary at the Daily Kos. Essentially, it highlights a group called the Bruin Alumni Association, not to be confused with the official UCLA Alumni Association. The Bruin Alumni Association is basically a Young Republicans meet David Horowitz nightmare with the stated goal to:

"Fully document the overwhelming policitization of the undergraduate experience – by professors, radical student groups and leaders, partisan academic centers and majors, and the administrative offices which tolerate these abuses. It’s not going to be enough to talk in anecdotes. Only methodical, comprehensive documentation can fully pinpoint the problems and their solutions."

There process of documentation is to record professors as the teach and research professors backgrounds and associations to find
"Marxoid theory, “critical pedagogy,” and an overwhelming dose of anti-Bush hatred."

So, a group of right wing Republican alumni and students are taking it on themselves to root out anyone with whom they disagree on the UCLA campus. Why is it that the right wing is so concerned over a "liberal arts education" that they have to resort to Stalinist tactics to suppress any freely expressed idea that doesn't meet their approval?

Oh, just to close the circle, CA-50 Republican candidate, Bill Morrow, is on the advisory board of this organization. Last year Morrow sponsored a bill in the state legislature to make David Horowitz "student bill of rights" law in California. His proposal was defeated. Now he is helping to find a back door way to attack free speech and terrorize anyone who has an "anti-Bush" perspective of the world.