Monday, January 16, 2006

Pelosi is a Dingbat

Last week, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-8), House Democratic Leader, condemned Rep. Dick Pombo (CA-11) as being one of four House Republicans worthy (unworthy) of review by the as yet moribund House Ethics Committee. Pelosi suggested to the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert (R-Corruptville) ....ok (IL-14)

"I urge you to join me in clearly stating to the Ethics Committee that it is our strong expectation that the committee will take all steps necessary to quickly initiate a fair and robust investigation of the alleged violations of criminal laws and the rules of the House by several Members, beginning with Congressmen Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, Richard Pombo, and John Doolittle. Media stories have contained allegations that each of these Members committed egregious violations of House rules."

Strong words from a weak leader. With each revelation of unethical conduct and illegal activity, Pelosi has refused to file or allow other to file the necessary ethics complaint that would force the Ethics Committee to go to work. It is understandable that Pelosi is concerned over a nuclear debate in the House regarding which party is the most unethical. That debate will break out when the first Democrat points a finger at a Republican and states, "j'accuse." What if Nancy first pointed her finger at Louisiana Democrat (LA-2) or fellow California represenative, Maxine Waters (CA-35). Maybe if the Democrats started to clean their own house Republicans would be shamed into doing the same.

But, back to Pelosi and her letter. When Pelosi was asked to back up here alligations regarding Pombo, she waffled. With the "bully pulpit" and a list containing the names of four of the most corrupt legislators in congressional history, Pelosi could only suggest that she was “not familiar with the facts of the case,” and “I only know what I have read in the paper.”

Wow. That's building a strong case against corruption. Of course that lack of precision and knowledge has now allowed Pombo to go on the offensive. According to the AP via the Tracy Press,

“Perhaps the only thing I find more contemptible is the kind of baseless, politically motivated character assassination tactics Congresswoman Pelosi has engaged in today,” Pombo said. Furthermore, “it serves to give the entire Congress a bigger black eye than the unfortunate and unscrupulous actions of a few of its members.”

Good job, Nancy. Instead of having to answer to his constituents for his associations with Tom DeLay and Charles Hurwitz, Pombo is lecturing Pelosi on ethics. Instead of answer questions raised by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, who listed Pombo as one of the 13 most corrupt members of congress, Pombo is lecturing Pelosi on ethics.

The Democratic Party is so effective at screwing things up, you would almost think their incompetence is deliberate.