Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Water Sports

Just when you think that the Duke Cunningham saga can't take another twist, something comes at you from left field. Larry Johnson over at TPM Cafe follows the latest revelation regarding Duke, Brent Wilkes (co-conspirator #1) and.....the number 3 guy at the CIA, Kyle Dustin (Dusty) Foggo.

"Kyle Dustin (Dusty) Foggo, is currently the Executive Director of the CIA. According to friends still working on the inside, tongues are wagging about the peril that may be on the horizon for Dusty. Specifically, Dusty is alleged to have played a role in helping Brent Wilkes, a co-conspirator with Duke Cunningham, get the contract to supply bottled water to the CIA in Iraq. A buddy of mine who was on the ground in Iraq back in 2003 says that rumors were swirling then that Dusty was a player in the water deal. Dusty, who reportedly got the job as Executive Director thanks to "helpful" suggestions from Duke Cunningham to his congressional buddy, CIA Director Porter Goss, is now under the microscope."

Why is Brent Wilkes, who ran a gaggle of technology based business, selling water to the CIA in Iraq? Where does the bottled water business fit in the Wilkes empire? Republicans working hard to squeeze as much out of the war on terror as possible. It's a free lunch, come and get it.