Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What Do Duke and Hillary Have In Common?

Farnsworth over at One Pissed Off Veteran takes strong exception to Hillary Clinton's pandering to the Right with her recently announced support of a bill to criminalize flag burning. Hillary's action aligns her with anti-free speech advocates such as Former Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham, who this summer sponsored a Constitutional Amendment to ban flag burning.

"Hillary Clinton, of all people, is sponsoring a bill to outlaw flag burning. Yes, flag burning. As I've stated before in this space, this is a solution in search of a problem. With all the other real and pressing issues facing us, why in the fuck would we even be thinking about something like this?

Is it because Hillary wants the attention off her vote for the Iraq War -- and her refusal to admit that it was a mistake -- or is it because she has the presidential ambition bug so bad that she's moving to the right in the hopes that she can siphon off votes from the middle, running as a Republican Lite?"

The bill Hillary is co-sponsoring essentially equates flag burning with hate crimes. This sort of parsing may be typical Clintonian behavior, but to equate the free speech act of flag burning with, say, burning a cross on someone's front lawn, is a perverse stretch of logic.

Considering Hillary's track record, this calculated act is hardly drawing rave reviews.

"To some of the Democrat's supporters, the move is of little note. To an opponent, it's an attempt to pander. And to some observers, it's an appeal to the right in anticipation of a presidential bid.

But to one former supporter, Jeff Green of Kent Cliffs, the legislation is simply dangerous.

"There is no speech at all that should ever be prohibited in a free society," said Green, an anti-Iraq War activist. "If we're a really free society and a mature society, we should never be afraid of ideas."

From my perspective, Hillary Clinton and Randy Cunningham now have two things in common:

1. They both hate our First Amendment rights, and

2. Neither of them would ever get a vote from me.