Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Simple Question

As a citizen, tax payer and voter, ask yourself a simple question: Do you want to be represented in Congress by the party of Randy Cunningham, Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Scooter Libby and Bob Ney; OR do you want to be represented by a Democrat who has the courage and convictions to propose the following?

"Ban All Outside Relationships With Government Contractors
In most business and personal relationships, conflicts of interest are avoided. However, in
Washington, those seeking government contracts can have extensive financial relationships with members of Congress.

Ban Members from Promoting Specific Businesses for Government Contracts or Regulatory Favors
Members of Congress should be in the business of serving all people, not a select few powerful campaign contributors. Unfortunately, it has become far too common in
Washington for members of Congress to use their official position to lobby for special favors for specific businesses. Government contracts and government decisions should not be decided by which business has the best connections in Washington, they should be determined by who can do the best job at the least cost to taxpayers.

Eliminate Anonymous Appropriations
When a member of Congress spends taxpayer money, taxpayers should know exactly which member of congress wrote the measure and how much it will cost. Currently members of Congress are able to make anonymous appropriation earmarks during the committee process. Every penny of government money that is spent should be accounted for and taxpayers should know exactly who is responsible for spending. This is one part of restoring honesty to the budget process and will also help stop out of control federal spending.

Ban All Privately Funded Junkets
Americans work hard and save to take vacations but for members of Congress, their vacations are all-expense-paid by powerful
Washington special interests under current rules. Members of Congress have taken over $16 million in junkets since 2000."

Francine Busby, the Democratic candidate in the 50th District in California has an ethics proposal on the table that would help to start to give Congress back to the American people and take it away from the special interests to which the Republicans have sold themselves.

You can take the pledge and ask your own elected representatives to sign on as well at Francine Busby's website.