Monday, November 28, 2005

Cunningham Admits Guilt - More Details

The San Diego Union Tribune has details from Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham's visit to federal court today.

"A somber-looking Cunningham stood with his hands clasped in front of him, answering the judge's questions with a muted "Yes, your honor," or, at times, "Yes, sir."

"Between the year 2000 and June of 2005 in our district, you conspired to accept bribes in exchange for performance of official duties. Did you do that?" Judge Burns asked Cunningham.

"Yes, your honor," Cunningham replied.

"Did you take both cash payments and payments in kind?"

"Yes, your honor," the congressman said.

"Did you follow up by trying to influence the Defense Department?"

"Yes, your honor."

Since this story broke in June, Cunningham has proclaimed his innocence and promised his constituents that he would continue to serve them. But, the facts suggest that for the last five years, Cunningham has been feathering his nest with $2.4 million in bribes, while ignoring his constituents.