Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Quid Pro Quo

TPM has two excellent post up regarding former Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham and his currently unindicted co-conspirators.

Regarding "co-conspirator #1" - a.ka. Brent Wilkes of San Diego's ADCS Incorporate, Josh Marshall notes:

“In addition to various other bribes he gave Duke, Wilkes also rented a corporate jet which appears to have existed more or less entirely to ferry around members of Congress. Mainly Duke. But also Rep. Tom DeLay and Acting Majority Leader Roy Blunt. Wilkes is also an '04 Bush Pioneer.”

Then their is previously convicted fraud artist, Thomas Kontogiannis, know in the Cunningham indictment as "co-conspirator #3."

“…As you may remember from last summer, Kongtogiannis is the already-once-convicted-of-bribery fat cat who was in the mix buying Duke homes and swapping boats and all the rest of it. Page 5, item "d" says that Duke "used his public office and took other official action in a manner that would benefit" Kontogiannis. And that he did so because of all the money he gave Duke.

Okay, so clear enough. Kontogiannis was another guy who owned a piece of Duke and Duke pulled government strings for him.

So what was Duke doing for Kontogiannis?”

Cunningham was hanging with a bad crowd and doing them all kinds of favors, for a price. Just what was he giving away to Wilkes and Kontogiannis?