Saturday, October 08, 2005

Once Around - Are We There Yet?

Morbo over at the Carpetbagger voices a concern that I have regarding Harriet Miers: the whole thing is a set-up.

"So are we being set up? Maybe. At the end of the day, the Bush administration does not have to placate interest groups to get Miers on the court. It must merely win the support of 51 senators. Right now, with so many Democrats making nice over her, that should not be hard to do. So what if 10 or 12 hard-right senators jump ship? Who cares if Paul Weyrich grumbles for a month? That actually helps the administration by making Miers look moderate.

Notice that all of this alleged infighting has distracted the country from the more compelling issue that I'm sure Bush would rather not discuss: Is Miers qualified? I say she's not. Her record is unremarkable. It's as if Bush had named his gardener Secretary of Interior."

Another crony gets his/her reward and the Reagan/Bush/Republican Revolution of the Corrupt Rich continues.

The Left Coaster collects a multitude of useful links to Treasongate.

"In other words, it was not that Rove mentioned his conversation with Cooper and then just forgot to mention he spoke to Cooper about Wilson and his wife. Rather, he says he totally forgot that the call even occurred! A call which, per their unjustifiable story/defense, was part of their organized campaign to "set the record straight" about Joseph Wilson's claims (at a time when the media was agog with negative stories about the White House and the SOTU uranium claim)."

I want to believe that Rove, Libby and maybe a few more of the President's Men are going down over this, but.................

Pinch hitting at Hullabalo, tristero has a great post up regarding Kitzmiller v. Dover - "intellegent design" as science education in Pennsylvania.

"Incredibly, some of the smartest people I know are quite confused over "intelligent design." A few years ago, my wife and I were having lunch with some friends, two enormously gifted investigative reporters for two Major Metropolitan Newspapers here in New York, folks whose bylines often appear on the front page. The subject turned to the evolution debate and John (name changed to protect the guilty) said, "Actually, I really think 'intelligent design' should be taught in science class." I was absolutely shocked, He had no idea what the actual issues are. Similarly, last week, we were having dinner with a philosopher of science and his wife. They, too, didn't quite understand why "intelligent design" does not belong in biology classes."

Why is it not possible to believe that God created the world as it is and that His creation includes all of the manifestations of the physical world? Why is it also not possible to believe that God intended that His human creation would have the intellegence to figure out the physical world He created?

From The Nation we get this excellent graphic image:

It's been a bad week for the Bush Junta, but at some point some Democrats are going to have to step forward and offer an alternative to the Republican Circus of Corruption and Cronyism other than to suggest that people should "trust" that Democrats aren't quite as bad. The Bushies have made "trust" a dirty word across the whole political spectrum.